clean vegan refillable sustainably packaged
clean vegan refillable sustainably packaged
clean vegan refillable sustainably packaged
clean vegan refillable sustainably packaged

Meet the antidote to throwaway culture.

With a less-is-more ethos, our products
contain clean ingredients, effective
formulations, and reusable tools.

This is the skincare routine for your home.

This is a new kind of homecare,
designed to support you in building
simple, sustainable cleaning practices
into your daily routine.

Honest reviews from Thingtesting.

A balance of form and function.

Review highlights from our customers

“Whether it be smudge marks or lipstick on the mirror – the glass cleaner takes it right off, easy and streak-free.”

“It doesn't smell like a cleaning product... But it actually, just properly smells nice.”

“The biggest thing for me is the bottles themselves. It may sound weird but they are just really nice to hold. The weight, the finish, etc. And they're beautiful enough to leave out and remind me to clean. So that and the fact that I like to pick them up, means I clean more…that's huge around my house.”

“I must say, I was completely blown away by the packaging. So minimal and eco-friendly! I loved the seed paper card, and the green cell foam - it was comforting to see the foam dissolve within minutes in water (rather than end up in a landfill), and I'm already looking forward to planting the seeds this spring.”

Why should I have a clean routine? It’s simple.

01 An essential part of good hygiene 

02 A simple way to lift your mood and reset

03 A practice to extend the lifespan of your belongings

04 An effortless way to reduce environmental waste

Sustainable, because all things should be.

“Waste, we need to recognize, is a man-made concept. In nature, there is no waste: every time a waste is generated, an organism evolves to use that waste as a feedstock.”

-Paul Anastas and John C. Warner, Green Chemistry Theory and Practice

Chemistry is all around us. Our products are designed to perform with simple, clean formulations thoughtfully refined and tested in the lab. Developed in partnership with the Chemical Invention Factory, we use the principles of green chemistry.


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